Friday, October 31, 2014


Dani bought matching Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy costumes.  Liam decided that he didn't want to be Raggedy Andy - he wanted to be Spiderman!  Liam was super excited at every door and was as enthusiastic with his "THANK YOU'S" as he was with his trick or treating.  Kate was pretty serious about her trick or treating.

Torin came along and was as calm and relaxed as ever.  It was wet but not raining - a classic Oregon Halloween.

Claire and Jacob have been loving Harry Potter recently, so they decided to go as a witch and a wizard.  Jacob's glasses made him a perfect Harry Potter, and Claire's red hair made her a perfect Ginny Weasley, though she was sure to correct anyone who called her that because she was really Hermoine Granger.

The whole group after a successful night!  We had to snap pictures quickly because Jacob (the only one who can really hold Torin) has a limited time that he can hold Torin!

Our happy little pea pod!

A co-worker of Jared's wanted to have huge mushroom necklaces for his and a buddy's Mario and Luigi costume.  We googled a design and Claire and Jacob were more than happy to help (and stay up way past bedtime) make the mushrooms!