Monday, December 24, 2012

Almost Christmas!

We took a few pictures of everyone wearing their Christmas sunday outfits.  Notice how happy babies and parents are - we continue to be grateful for our nursery leader who have welcomed our not-yet-18-month-old twins into nursery.  Everyone comes home from church feeling much better these days!

Kate and Liam were happy to help take pictures... as long as they were standing on the furniture.

I love the toothless smiles we get from Jacob and Claire.

Jacob and Kate are little buddies.

On Christmas Eve, kiddos and Jared played Scotland Yard (a.k.a. "Catch Mr. X).  Kiddos were proud of themselves because they caught Jared both times, and because it is a 10+ age game.

We went to the McKnights home for Christmas Eve, together with the Stewarts.  Dinner was like eating at a buffet - there was pizza, a 20-pound turkey, and a 9-pound prime rib (easy to guess who brought the beef).  We also brought some roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower and a dessert.

Jared led the choir of the bells using a lightsaber to point at all the notes.  Everyone had fun playing their bells.

The nativity was quite ornate, complete with an angel, shepherds, wise men, and a donkey.  We used the new head dresses and wise men's box from Jersualem in the production.  Not pictured is baby Jesus (Liam played the part for 10 seconds), who ran off.  That made me wonder what toddler Jesus was like.

The kids all opened their pajamas (pictures of all 4 of them together on another post).  Liam was especially excited to have his box.