Saturday, December 08, 2012

Ugly Sweater Party V

This past weekend, we hosted Ugly Sweater Party V!!!  We hung the posters from the last 4 parties and enjoyed looking at some of the past activities and sweaters we've seen.

This year, we added a new game.  We had people blow up balloons, stuff them into pantyhose, and put them on their heads (like horns) and sing Jingle Bells as loud as they could.  We got a few enthusiastic takers to wear the horns!

We did some cookie decorating this year.  Dani had a great idea, which was to get some condiment squeeze bottles so people could make cool designs on their sweaters.  Ashley was very creative with her designs!

The food was good (as usual).  We did chicken noodle soup and sausage tortellini soup and had some of the standard sides.  One new snack we tried was white chocolate and crushed peppermint covered popcorn with dark chocolate drizzled over the top.  It was pretty addicting for Dani and I the night before, so we made a few batches and ended up with leftovers.  Yummy!  Dani also did a cream cheese topped with cranberry and jalapeno dip that was quite popular.  


Rebecca brought a very cool take on the Caprese salad - mini mozzarella balls on either side of a grape tomato with a little basil leaf.  She arranged them to look like a wreath and put a pomegranate in the middle to look like a star.  The balsamic and olive oil were added after the picture.

Bunco was a hit, as usual.  I think Mel and Marnie may have thought they were auditioning for the cover of a Bunco game!

 We set Santa up near his fireplace near the front door and hung stockings that were made in a previous Ugly Sweater Party nearby.  We had some fun new ugly sweaters this year.

Daven's NGL jacket got the most votes (in a somewhat rigged election), but Heather was a close second with this beautiful ensemble.

Spencer (10 years old) took this group shot for us!