Monday, December 24, 2012

Lucky to have one another

Dani caught this fun moment of Jacob and Claire enjoying a book together.  They're still small enough to both fit in one of our chairs in the family room.

Jacob is feeling very confident in his reading these days - he enjoys reading to the babies.  Thank goodness for good shutter speed - this moment didn't last long!

Jacob and Liam have both been really interested in cars recently.  Jacob likes to line them up and have races with them, and Liam mostly likes to carry them around, but recently he's learning (from his big brother) how to drive them around.

Fast shutter speed isn't needed to catch Liam making a mess.  He likes to take things out find matching lids (which fortunately there are still some matching lids!), and put them together.  Once they're together too tight, he comes and finds a parent to take them apart, bleating, "uh oh."  He could pretty much live in the tupperware cupboards.

Okay, he tried that... and didn't like it at all!  We were sitting in the family room and heard him crying, then walked to where the mess was and couldn't find him, until we looked in the second shelf of the cupboard!

We didn't throw away those crazy balloon antlers we made at the Ugly Sweater Party, and one night, Claire and Jacob got them out.  When they started swinging them at each other like swords on top of their heads, then charging at each other like rams, I started thinking of how I would explain to triage and the doctor at the ER how my kids wound up with stitches in their foreheads!

Kate was thoroughly amused, and allowed them to stay on her head for a few minutes.  Liam took his off right away .

These kids really enjoy being around one another.  We hear a lot of laughter from these funny kids.