Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread Family

Nana gave us some Gingerbread decorating kits, so Sunday night, we decided to make gingerbread men and girls.  Jacob and Claire brought out their Rudolf aprons they made last year for the occasion.

The kits included frosting, sprinkles, peppermint candies, and other colorful candies.

The finished products wound up being not too bad!  Starting from top left, it is Jacob's, Dani's, Jared's and Claire's on the bottom.  Some of the highlights were Jacob's wonky eyes - they were hilarious - and Claire's beautiful dress.

One thing we discovered is that the frosting hardened quickly, so, for most of ours, where we did the frosting first, then decorated, it was tough to get certain of the sprinkles to stay. Jared's gingerbread man's bowtie is just a pool of sprinkles within the frosting.

Claire and Jacob were determined to eat their gingerbreads.  There were a few obstacles to doing this: (1) they were pretty thick cookies; (2) they were pretty hard cookies; (3) Jacob and Claire don't have front teeth!  Over the course of the next 48 hours, they managed to eat way more than we thought they would be able to eat!