Sunday, December 02, 2012

The week after the company

The week after company leaves isn't easy.  The month of November saw lots of family, which meant that the kiddos and babies had lots of extra attention.

Jacob and Claire have been very in to making race tracks.  Among the features of the track below are the race track with a bridge (the parallel tracks on the right); the lemon (the circular-looking thing under the bridge on the left); and a bridge with a split in it.  I like helping them build their tracks!

Kiddos found a pacifier with lips on it - they took turns with it, and they all thought it was hilarious.  Kate especially thought so.

We went out to eat recently at Chevy's.  Dani ordered beans... however, she didn't really get to eat any because Kate wanted them!  Kate ate pretty much the entire serving.  She calls the "Mink."

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday.  Though it had rained the night before, it was sunny when we got our tree.

We put the kids in the backpacks to walk around, instead of having them tromp through the mud.

it didn't take us long to find the tree we wanted!  It fits nicely in our house, and is a beautiful shape with nice sturdy branches.


Anonymous said...

Love the race track!