Saturday, July 13, 2013

80's night!

It was Ashley's birthday, so we got a group together and went to a 'decades' themed dance club that played music videos to 70's, 80's, 90's and current music.  We decided that we needed to have a theme, so we went 80's style!

After a dinner at Chipotle, we took some pictures.  Chipotle's wall was a perfect backdrop!

When Dani came down and our babysitter saw her, she exclaimed, "I LOVE your outfit!!!"  Dani disclosed that she considered consulting our babysitter to get some of her wardrobe for the occasion - she often wears super bright colors, too.  Dani found a headband and a shirt for Jared with Mr. Rodgers, saying "It's All Good in the Hood."  

The birthday girl, with her fantastic leg warmers, and Jon and his high socks, sleeveless hoodie sweatshirt, women's sunglasses, and incredible wig.

Eric and Tamara were looking awesome as were Jason (and his bling) and Kathy.  So hot!

We totally rocked it!!!