Sunday, July 07, 2013

Playing with the whole family

We spent a lot of time with the whole family on the Cody trip.  Nearly every day, Heath and Bri and their kids came to visit.  That gave the cousins a lot of time to play together.  

Kate and Liam (Kate in particular) got to spend lots of time reading with Heath, John, Vicki, and just about anyone who would sit down and read a book with them.

By the end of the vacation, they had basically memorized a couple more books that had been read to them at least a dozen times.

The cousins had a blast riding bikes and jeeps together.  At first, Kate and Liam were a little nervous around the jeeps (perhaps because of almost being run over a few times by their older siblings), but they warmed up to it and ended up loving it!

We went to see Despicable Me II one night (which was very funny!), and Claire and Brighton made sure to keep each other company on the way back to the car.

Kate and Bentley were best little buds the entire week.  We worried a little how these two headstrong little girls would react to one another, but they played really well together and were quick to say sorry after little spats.

John got out the bottle launcher, and we made good use of it, sending it rocketing off dozens of times.  All the kids took turns pumping the air.

Bri and Kate had some together time drying out after playing in the cold pool.

We also got to see grandmas Hope and Pat most days at the house.  They were good to come join the chaos.  One of my favorite memories was seeing Grandma Hope pull up and come up the stairs onto the walkway to the house, and seeing Liam beeline over to give her a hug followed closely by Kate coming to give her a hug, too.

When Hope went home the last night, all the kids wanted to be in the picture... but not so much that they would look at the camera!

Grandma Pat got similar reactions when she came over, with kids running over to give her a hug.  They were very sweet with her, and it was great to see her throughout the week.

Everyone got to spend good, quality time with the family.  We loved it!


Anonymous said...

I was hoping to send you duh video of you going down to sip line at Georges pond but it was too big to send. It was the most fun 4th of July week we have had in a very long time!


Anonymous said...

I either need to learn how to speak more distinctly or forget voice texting. The zip line