Friday, July 26, 2013

Enchanted Forest

We took a Friday afternoon and went and visited the Enchanted Forest, just south of Salem.  The first part of the park was the "Storybook Village."  There were lots of different fairy tales and creations of fairy tales.  Jacob was very nervous to go into a lot of the areas - like the 7 dwarfs cave, but it was fun and adventurous to push a stroller up the steep hills!

We rode a few rides, including a little roller coaster and a target shooting ride.  The kids, including the babies got to drive themselves in their own bumper boats.  Kate and Liam LOVED it!!!

Jared got to squeeze into a little train ride with the babies.

Kiddos rode the little ferris wheel on their own.

Here is the castle at the beginning of the park.

We LOVED our afternoon there!