Saturday, July 13, 2013

Can't beat a summer Saturday in Oregon

There isn't much better than a summer Saturday in Oregon.  We started with a bike ride on the Banks-Vernonia trail.

The trail is made on an old railroad track.  One of the cool parts of the trail is a long, curving truss bridge through the trees.  It made for a good beginning and end of the bike trail. After we finished our ride, we had a little picnic.

The whole crew had a great time!

Here's a panoramic of an open field portion of the trail.

After the bike ride, we did some berry picking.  Our little 2-year-olds love to pick berries, too!

We will get to enjoy the spoils of our berry picking for the coming months!


Anonymous said...

you are so good to do so many activities with your family. I love each and every post.that picture of Kate with the raspberries stained face is priceless