Friday, July 05, 2013

Playing in the lake(s)

Down the road from the Streeters is a little pond with a paddleboat, canoe, some fish and a zipline.  We had some fun paddling around the lake with the babies.  Kate really wanted to be on the boat... until she didn't (which happened very quickly).

She was a little bit happier with the boat pulled onto the shore.

Liam liked driving the paddle boat.

Dani took the kids on a canoe ride.  With the little bit of wind that was going, a canoe full of people, and an erratic at best front paddler, Dani and the kids spent a bit more time than planned exploring the edges of the pond.

Grandma took the kids fishing for their first times.  Almost immediately, Claire felt a fish on her hook and reeled it in.  Once on the dock, Vicki realized the fish had swallowed the hook and decided to put it out of its misery by bashing it against the corner of the dock (while Claire watched).  She then put the fish on the dock, and Claire watched the fish in tears.  Meanwhile, Jacob continued his fishing (with more success with the release part of the catch and release).  We wound up taking the fish home and Vicki cooked it for Jacob.  Claire took a long time to recover ("but he was just so beautiful"), finally receiving comfort in that Jesus and the apostles ate fish, too.

The pond was fun to jump into from the dock.  The 7-year-olds were pretty tentative about jumping in. Liam LOVED it!  He walked right off the edge into Jared's arms, then as soon as he was in the water, he wanted out (it was, admittedly, a little chilly).  As soon as he was on the dock, he turned around and was back in the water, calling to get out.  He probably jumped in 15 times in a row!

Dani and Jared took a few turns on the zipline, and we stayed about as long as our babies would let us. It was a lot of fun!

We also got to have 2 lake days with the boat.  The first day, we did some water skiing at Big Horn Reservoir.  Dani and Jared took turns skiing for a little while until the water got too choppy.

Claire wanted a few turns on the skis, so Dani hopped in the water with her.  She is so light that she got up on the water a few times, but just wasn't able to keep upright.  We were proud of her willingness to give it multiple tries, until she just got too cold.

Jacob wanted to drive the boat, and after Jacob took a turn on the tube, Grandpa let him on the way back to the dock, which basically made Jacob's day.

The next day, we took the boat out to Buffalo Bill Reservior.  The water was cold and pretty choppy, so the waterskiing was pretty short, but we got out the tube and Jacob and Claire took a turn in it.

Liam also took a turn in the tube and loved it!  He had a big smile on his face basically the entire time.

Kate also had a turn in the tube.  In the tube, she was pretty happy... until the boat got going.  She definitely didn't want to be in the tube at that point!

Our kids love to go in the boat!