Thursday, July 11, 2013

Turning 2!

Hard to believe it, but these two little babies are 2!

While we were in Cody, the babies got to have an early celebration.  Gift opening, of course, was a hit for all of the cousins.  Kate and Liam got gifts from grandma and grandpa - blocks, which they play with all the time, and a pillow pet that makes stars on the ceiling that Kate is afraid of and won't allow to be on at night).  They also opened their new bikes and spent the remainder of the vacation riding on them.

We got them an ice cream cake - Kate and Liam knew the drill of blowing out the candles, though Liam needed a little help from his brother.

Liam finished off his cake and left evidence.

On their actual birthday, the 7/11 babies got to enjoy some free Slurpees on 7/11 (and the rest of the family got freebies, too!).  Babies, of course, loved them.  Yum!

Nana had sent some gifts that babies got to open.  Kate opened 2 books, including her very own copy of Lull-a-Bye Little one (the one we already have has a message to Claire from the author).  Kate exclaimed, "MY LULL-A-BYE!"  She was very excited!

Liam was excited to open a big car ramp.  It was a hit with both the 2 year olds and the 7 year olds, who may have actually been even more excited.

After presents, we had some yummy cupcakes.  They were 'confetti' cakes, made with Nerds, frosted, and topped with Nerds.

Liam was a little more seasoned in blowing out candles this time, so he decided he was going to take matters into his own hands...

and got REALLY close

and needed a little help before injury!  Even as close as he got, he still needed assistance blowing out the candles!

Kate and Liam, of course, LOVED it.  Kate didn't want to let go of her sucker (Liam got one, too, but he finished his very quickly).

Once Liam got started, it didn't take him long to finish his dessert off.  Kate stored hers in her cupholder.

Happy birthday to the little 2 year olds!!!


Sarah said...

Such a cute post!! Liam and Kate are cute 2 year olds! I LOVE Liam's RED hair!!!