Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bauman Farms

One of our favorite things about Portland in the falls is going to the pumpkin patch at Bauman Farms.  We absolutely love the  

There were a couple new rides and activities that were added this year.  One was a barrel bug ride.  We all sat inside these little barrels painted like bugs and were pulled by a ranger around a little course.  Jared sat right in front of the kids and tried to have them all raise their hands and yell like a rollercoaster!

Another addition was the bouncy horses.  They were kind of hilarious!  Claire chose the biggest one she could find and could hardly move it!

Another new attraction was the pedal cars.  Jacob found the biggest one that he could!  Both Claire and Jacob needed a push a few times by one of the workers!

Some of the things that we always love at Bauman is the giant slides.  The kids always love the slides!

The kids also loved the obstacle course and the maze.  We did the dark maze from start to finish (previous years, we've had to bail through a side exit).  They made lots of laps!

The decorations at Bauman are awesome!  The kids all chose their favorite Angry Bird to take a picture with.

As usual, we had lots of apple cider doughnuts and got some apple cider.  

Torin, as usual, was an amazing little trooper!  He loves the sunshine and loves to be social!