Sunday, October 26, 2014


Jacob is really getting into following sports.  While he has favorite teams, what usually happens is that he winds up rooting for the team that is ahead throughout the game, switching who he is rooting for once a different team takes the lead.  This frustrates his father to no end, but Jacob always ends up happy with the result!  That said, he is definitely a BYU and Reds fan!

Jacob loves to build things.  Most of his building comes with Legos, but he also builds with blocks, big and little.  He loves to have a story with the things he is building, whether it is a race track, a double decker couch, a town, or a Star Wars cantina.  He loves to involve his siblings in building, but he typically comes up with the ideas.

Jacob is really into sports and athletics.  He likes to play just about anything and does it with gusto!  He has played soccer for the past few seasons and has improved quite a bit, in particular with his understanding of the game.  He is also getting to be a lot better on his Rip Stick!

Jacob loves to help entertain Kate and Liam.  When Liam isn't eating his dinner, Jacob makes a game of it, often re-naming foods (asparagus is 'light-sabers,' peas are 'green bullets,' and broccoli is 'trees,' for example).  When Liam is not happy about something, Jacob pretends Liam has the force.  Jacob also helps to entertain them while we are out.  Normally, they really appreciate it.  Sometimes, his enthusiasm may be a bit overwhelming, but Jacob really loves his siblings and loves to be with them.

We get some awesome pictures of Jacob.  We also get some that he is making funny poses.  Here's a fantastic one of both he and Liam at the 4th of July party!

Jacob loves story telling and writing.  One example of this is in our parent teacher conference last month, his teacher brought out his composition book and started flipping through pages and pages of writing.  Jacob loves flow of thought writing.  He is currently writing a series about a character he dubs 'Bad Man,' who runs out of money because he buys too much candy and subsequently robs a bank on the same day every year and gets caught.  We've heard a few of the misadventures of Bad Man at home, too.

Jacob has a strong testimony of the gospel.  He enjoys to have gospel conversations and will occasionally bear his testimony at church without prompting.  His primary teachers tell us that he is engaged in class and knows all of the scripture stories and understands many concepts.  He has a tender heart and has told us about experiences he has had feeling the Spirit.

Sport: soccer and baseball
Food: King crab legs
School subject: writing
Movie: Star Wars (esp Attack of the Clones)
Best Friend: Logan
Games: Mario Kart and Acquire
Collection: Coins (pennies and nickels)