Sunday, October 26, 2014


Liam may be the child that plays by himself the best of all of the kids.  He loves to play with cars, trains, Legos, or just about anything else.  He loves to play with his cars and loves to line them up in perfectly straight rows - and hates when people (especially Kate) try to clean them up or move them!

Everyone just loves Liam!  Liam is a big lovable guy and is very easy to get great (and sometimes hilarious) pictures of.  He has a funny sense of humor and a quick smile and has a way of making people smile.  His manner of talking is staccato and hilarious!

Liam is a very curious child and seems to like to learn by experience.  With it has come the sense that almost nothing in the house is off limits to him!  He is a doer - for example, if he wants breakfast and no one is around to get it for him, he'll just go over the refrigerator, get out a yogurt, goes over to the counter, climbs up to get a bowl, empties the yogurt into the bowl, and gets a spoon and eats it.  If he wants to punch out holes out of a paper, he gets the hole punch and paper and does it.

Liam likes to play make believe, with his games often centering around being a "shootin'-guy" or a "fightin'-guy."  He will line up the animals so they will be fighting.

Liam is starting to play better with Jacob and Kate.  He still has a way of antagonizing, but Liam and Jacob are starting to build often with wooden blocks, trains, and Legos, and Kate and Liam love to play make believe at night and various times throughout the day.  It is fun to watch him form stronger relationships with his siblings.

FAVORITES (according to Liam - at this moment):
Food: Snacks 
Treat: All of candy
Movie: Kung Fu Panda
Toys: Cars
Book: Panda Bear (???)
Animals: All of animals