Sunday, October 26, 2014

Torin at 4.5 months old

We love our sweet baby Torin!  Since the time he was born, he has been a peaceful little (chubby) guy.  Quick with a smile, he quickly rewards anyone who gives him attention.  He doesn't giggle very often more than a short chuckle, but he is almost always happy.  There seem to be entire days that go by when we don't even hear him cry.  Many of our friends have commented that they've never heard him upset!

We love to put him in his Bumbo on the countertop (since he's not interested in getting out of it!) while we cook, do dishes, or work in the kitchen.  We look over at him and smile or talk, and he smiles happily right back - he's great company!

Torin plays well on his own.  He especially loves his play mat - he loves to look at the baby in the mirror and loves to look at and try to grab the little toys that are hanging out above him.  He just recently started rolling over.  It's his new trick - whenever we put him on his back, he immediately rolls over onto his stomach.  He doesn't love his stomach, but he loves rolling over!

We have been grateful that Torin has been sleeping through the night since he was just a few months old.  Jared treats him as though he is his first, oohing and ahhing over everything he does.  We love our time with Torin after all the other kids go to bed.