Sunday, October 26, 2014


Since the time she was born, Kate has been a very expressive child.  On the day she was born, we were telling Uncle Andrew (who was about to go on his mission) this via Skype.  Kate loves to show her big eyes.  When she really wants something, we tell her to ask with big eyes.  Sometimes, we get a variety of funny faces, but she can often get what she wants anyways!

Kate is really into Frozen and into Elsa.  She has a dress that she will have someone get her dressed multiple times per day.  Her costume isn't complete without a cape, so she has chosen one of her blankets as her accessory.  When Chris and David came over, she convinced David (using her big eyes) to sing a rousing rendition of "Let it Go!"

Kate likes playing dress up whenever she can.  She especially likes to involve her big sister!

Kate is a very social child.  Quite often, she ends up sitting with the adults and trying to be part of the conversation rather than being part of a rambunctious group of kids.  She prefers to have one or two 'best friends' or 'first friends' or 'last friends,' as she quite often labels people she has just recently met.

Kate is a very enthusiastic child.  She lives life with gusto, for sure!  She sometimes doesn't have a very long attention span once she gets going on something.  One thing she does have a long attention span for is reading!

Food: Chicken
Book: Princess books
Movie: Frozen and Ariel (Little Mermaid)
Costume: Elsa
Best Friend: "Best Friend Tate"
Song: Let it Go