Sunday, October 26, 2014


While Claire has always been interested in reading, she has been really into reading since the school year began.  In the 8 weeks since school started, she has started and finished books 1-4 of the Harry Potter series and has read the first two books of the Chronicles of Narnia series and is working on the third.  She will often disappear or curl up in a chair for long periods of time with a book.  She also still finds time to read to her siblings and browse through other books on a daily basis.

Claire loves her little brother, Torin.  She loves to talk softly to him and be around him, and he loves the attention.  Torin is chubby enough that Claire isn't able to hold him for very long!

Claire and Dani are becoming cute little buddies.  Claire enjoys working in the kitchen and doing projects with her parents and siblings.  One day, she left a little surprise for Dani on the patio!

At the beginning of the year, we were asked to share Claire's strengths with her teacher.  One of the strengths that we shared is that Claire is a very confident girl.  Though she is often quiet in big groups, she is comfortable with who she is and makes good choices.  She knows right from wrong and typically doesn't get swayed by the choices of others.  

Claire is a good and thorough student.  She does her homework completely.  She is very organized about the way she thinks about writing and uses good logic in her math and has good intuition.

Claire still reminds us a little of Olive Oyl with her long skinny arms and legs!

Claire is enjoying taking piano lessons and continues to get better.  She is playing with both hands and enjoys learning seasonal songs (right now she's learning some Halloween-themed songs).

Claire is very proud of her auburn hair.  She loves getting compliments on her hair, and makes sure to flip it out a little extra when she does.

Food: Butter and seafood (including king crab legs, salmon, and shrimp)
Book: Harry Potter and the Fairy Magic series
Activity: Reading
Best friend: Liza