Monday, October 26, 2015


Claire's love of reading has continued and perhaps even intensified in the last year. We often see books scattered throughout the house (including most bathrooms), all with a bookmark in them. If we can't find Claire for a while, we are sure to check the bathrooms, where she is often reading! Her favorites are science fiction books and Greek mythology.

Claire needs to be reminded to do many of the standard things is a day - getting dressed, practicing the piano or violin, completing her homework - but she is almost always good about doing them without a fuss once reminded.

Claire loves to play board games with Jared and Jacob. A recent favorite of theirs has been "Race for the Galaxy," one of Jared's favorite games. Jared enjoys discussing the strategies of the game and exploring possible strategies as they play.

Claire has started playing violin and seems to be picking up the basics pretty well.

Claire is Torin's little buddy. It was Claire's name that we first recognized Torin saying - in part because the tone of the way he would say it mimicked the way Dani would call to Claire (loudly, so we could reach into the clouds or other world Claire is regularly in). Even as Torin destroys her creations, Claire says, "It's hard to stay mad at him for long." She loves to read with him, and will be one of the first to comfort him if he is sad.

Claire has a strong logical mind. Jared has recently been challenging her with various math concepts (like multiplying and dividing fractions, exponents) and economics concepts (law of supply and demand) that are above her grade level and walking her through the reasons behind the logic through questions. These kids of things seem to make logical sense to Claire, and it is interesting for Claire to figure them out.
- Food: Butter and seafood
- Book: Whatever one is in her hand.
- Game: Pandemic
- Activity: Read and art projects
- Best Friends: Alexandra, Leslie, Liza
- Scripture Story: Samuel the Lamanite