Monday, October 26, 2015


Kate is an extravert in all senses. One of the first things she asks when she gets up every day is, "Do we have any play dates today?" If it were up to her, she would have two per day!

Kate's ability to carry a conversation is amazing. When we call the grandparents or aunts or uncles, she can carry (and sometimes dominate) the conversation. Often, she is asking questions ("how was your day?" or "what did you do today?") and being interested in the person on the other end of the conversation, and often she is telling us all about her latest costumes or about the My Little Ponies she is playing with. If she hits something she is truly excited about (see the "groupie" paragraph below), she can talk almost continually for 20 minutes or more!

Claire is our resident "groupie." She is perhaps our most enthusiastic child. Her passions include My Little Ponies, Frozen, costumes, friends, and Disney Princesses.

Kate likes to tell stories. She is especially detailed in her retelling of stories she has seen or read, whether it is a movie, TV show, or book or a story from the scriptures. Her voice inflections and little details she will throw in keep us amused throughout.

Kate is also the child that holds to the strictest bedtime schedule - not in that she needs to be in bed at a certain time or stays in bed once she's there, but more that, no matter how late we are getting the kids to bed or what we have done in the lead-up to bedtime, she believes that we must fulfill every step of the "normal" bedtime routine: read books, read scriptures, say family prayer, group hug, and one of mom or dad laying next to her, which includes discussion of the daily favorite and a story "from their mouths," followed up by a hug, kiss and a noggin. That reads like a lot - and there are nights that it feels like a lot, too, but we love her enthusiasm for wanting to be with her family!

Kate has a generous heart. She loves to make drawings for Dani to make her happy or to Jared to bring to work or for Tate or Andrea next door and delivering them. She also loves to give away some of the things she loves. For example, she has given away My Little Pony (Rarity) to a friend and a stuffed animal (Minnie Mouse) to another friend. Even though she normally ends up with the least Halloween candy, she is always offering it to Dani and Jared, especially when she hears of their favorites. At Christmas time (okay, I'm writing this a long time after October!), she sent LaShayla out the door with most of her candy from her stocking (which she kept proclaiming, "These are my favorites!") - in one of the bowls from their play kitchen! It truly seems that when she finds something she loves, she wants to share it with someone else.
- Food: Chicken
- Book: Ballerina book and Pony book
- Game: Blokus
- Movie: My Little Pony movies where evil witches are
- Costume: The one that has roses on it (Claire's dance recital dress)
- Best Friend: Tate, Kaylee, Julia
- Activity: Play with my friends and be kind
Favorite sports game: Golf
- Song: I am a Child of God
- Scripture Story: When Jesus was resurrected