Monday, October 26, 2015


Jacob has always been a 'goal-oriented' child. When he was younger, he would finish his dinner as fast as possible so he could get fruit, and then finish his fruit quickly so he could get dessert. That continues today - he is good about getting his piano practicing done, getting his homework and reading done so he can do things he wants to do (Wii, Legos, Star Wars). He will often clean up his room without being asked or ask if there's anything he can help with. All in all, it's a great negotiation tactic!

Jared describes Jacob's energy as "pouring gasoline over a fire in whatever he's doing" because he has an ability to ramp up the energy and enthusiasm. He is good

He and Liam have become really good buddies. Frequently, Jacob is the leader of the games or make believe they play, but he is always good about including his siblings.

As he has gotten older, there have been a few more, though still rare, times when he seems to need a few minutes of a break.

Jacob loves playing board games with Jared and Claire. It is fun to watch Jacob's mind work strategically. He often chooses a strategy early on and fixates on it throughout. There are times this ends up working out well for him, and other times where it works to his detriment. He certainly picks up quickly on different strategies they are discussed.

Jacob is obsessed with Star Wars! He absolutely loves the movies, the TV series, books, video games, toys, and conversations about Star Wars. 

- Food: Basically everything. Bacon Salad!
- Book: How to Train Your Dragon series
- Game: Race for the Galaxy
- Activity: Legos
- Sport: Baseball
- Star Wars character: Boba and Jengo Fett 
- Best Friends: Logan and Dax
- Scripture: Abraham 3:27