Friday, October 30, 2015

Nana and Papa surprise the kids and visit for Halloween!

Dani took Kate, Liam, and Torin on an errand to the airport, and got lost, ending up next to the airport, where a familiar gorilla and a cookie witch were awaiting. Kate and Liam figured out that the gorilla was Papa because he was wearing "a shirt that dada would wear." Torin was pretty frightened of a gorilla suddenly next to him. Nana and Papa's visit was a total surprise to Jacob and Claire when they got home from school, too.

The Cookie Witch brought Kate and Liam cookies! Mama joked with Kate that it may be dangerous to eat a cookie from a witch. Sure enough, later that day, Kate got sick.

While it was rainy for quite a bit of the time Nana and Papa were here (which seems to be par for the course), we got to play some football outside with Jacob and Liam and Papa.

Liam challenged papa to a game of chess. I don't know how papa stood a chance against Liam's rules!

It was fun for the kids to get to spend time with their Nana and Papa.

On Sunday, the kids put together adorable flannel board stories for the family. The audience loved them!