Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Very Wet Halloween

Nana and Papa got to join us for all of our Halloween festivities this year! They started with carving and decorating pumpkins. Nana and Papa were happy to help.

We had a couple unique designs this year. Liam decided he wanted "SOAP," so Dani helped design and carve a liquid soap dispenser and the word "SOAP" in the side. Jacob made some light sabers. Claire wanted a black cat, and Jared helped carve it. Jared chose a unique pumpkin to start with. Kate made a little pumpkin and then, with Nana, made a bejeweled princess pumpkin out of a bunch of little rings she had recently gotten.

On Thursday, we had back to back parties. We started at the Precoa party, trick-or-treating around the office. The 3rd floor collaboration space was designed like a surgical room, with a crazy doctor pulling candy out of his patient. Jared was part of his department's nerd costume theme. Torin even wore his hat for a little while!

That night was the ward Halloween party. Unfortunately, Kate started feeling ill by the end of the Precoa party and didn't make it around the whole office (poor girl - she was so sad!), so she didn't go to the ward party. There was a group of volunteer superheros posing for pictures - and 3 little 4-year-old firefighters!

The kids were excited to do some trick or treating - except Torin. He wasn't ready to wear his costume!

Halloween was the first rainy Halloween we've had in Oregon (or at least that we remember). It rained hard almost the entire time we were out! When it wasn't raining hard, it was just raining. That didn't stop the kids from getting out and trick or treating, though it did end up limiting Kate's and Torin's time!


Torin found the front porch (and the pumpkins, in particular) to be more interesting than the trick or treating.

Afterwards, the kids did some candy trading. We decided that, between the Precoa party, ward party, and Halloween, Liam got the most candy (probably by 1/3!). Kate, who missed the entire ward party and big parts of the Precoa party and Halloween trick or treating, spent part of her time giving away parts of her already sparse candy to the parents and Nana and Papa.

We were so happy to have Nana and Papa join us for this fun day!