Monday, October 26, 2015


At family prayers, Liam will situate himself right next to Dani and start bumping her during the prayer. One day, right after the prayer was over, Dani gave him a shove that sent him flying. Liam was totally surprised, but Dani's laughter afterwards got him laughing, and now, he makes sure to kneel next to Dani for every prayer. We aren't sure if this is a good thing or not, but it is definitely part of Liam that makes him endearing and is a cute part of Liam's and Dani's relationship!
Liam seems to be building quite a fan club and following in church, work, and among other soccer and baseball parents. In the primary program, his line (which he helped come up with) was, "I know Jesus loves me because I'm a gooood guy." He was first up to the podium and gave it with gusto. We were relieved he didn't say anything about wanting to be a bad guy because Liam likes talking about bad guys!

Liam likes to add syllables to words. Star Wars, for example is Stah-woh Woh-wohs.

It is fun to watch Liam build Legos. He follows Jacob's creative example in coming up with his own designs for ships and cars (usually for some battle they are having) and in creating their Lego world. When Vicki brought over some "Mixels," a little bag of Legos with instructions to create these little characters, Liam went step by step, without any help, putting together his creation. His mind seems to be (surprisingly) ordered as he went patiently and methodically from step to step of the directions. It is a side of Liam that we don't see very often, but is definitely there.

- Food: Macaroni and Cheese (the one with butter on it)
- Book: Monster
- Game: Stratego
- Activity: Playing Wii with my buddy 
- Star Wars character: Anakin
- Best Friends: Jacob and Torin and also Bennett and Cason
- Why I love Mama: She always give me hugs when I do things she likes