Saturday, August 17, 2013

End of summer fresh fruit

We keep pretty close track of which month it is because the you-pick fruit seasons are pretty short.  It starts with strawberries, then when they are almost done, raspberries are ready.  Blackberries, marionberries, blueberries, boisenberries, and other varieties of raspberries join in and are available for a month or more.  When those wind down, the peaches, pears,  and apples start up.

Summer must be getting closer to an end, because Dani and kiddos escaped quarantine and went and picked some delicious apples, pears, and peaches.

One thing that's nice about this variety is that the peaches are ready pretty quickly after picking, but the apples and pears can be eaten for the coming weeks.  That way, we can enjoy our fresh picked fruit for longer!