Thursday, August 08, 2013

When in Hilton Head, do as the we have done before!

There are some traditions that we have been doing since our first family trip to Hilton Head.  It wouldn't feel like a Hilton Head trip without them!  So, as we've done previously, we:
  • Rented bikes.  It was a little bit of a confusion for us and the rental people with the number of bikes in our family, but we ended up getting the right number!

  • Rode to Harbour Town to gawk at the yachts and Sea Pines to shop for t-shirts.

  • Watched Gregg Russell sing basically the same songs and tell the same jokes under the old oak tree... and still laugh at all of them!  Kate and Liam, meanwhile, played with head lamps.

  • Took a picture sitting on the low branch of the tree in Harbour Town

  • Played at the Gregg Russell playground.  The kids had fun on the teeter totter.  And Kate was pretty enamored with a frog!