Friday, August 02, 2013

Going to Hilton Head

It takes a lot of work to get our entire crew across the country for a week.  After parking our car, we took up pretty much the entire luggage rack of the AirPark transport bus... and the entire back seat was filled with little people!

We're quite the sight to behold getting to the airport with all our stuff!

All ready for the flights!  The kids were very good for the flights.  The first flight, from Portland to Denver, left about 40 minutes late because of a mechanical question.  Our layover in Denver was scheduled to be 40 minutes long, so the entire flight, we wondered whether or not we would be able to catch the flights.

Fortunately, when we got to Denver, the gate we landed at was right next door and the plane was waiting, so that was fortunate.  Since we flew Southwest, it meant we didn't have assigned seats, so when we got on the plane, all the rows were filled.  Fortunately, there was an individual who gave us his seat and a couple who volunteered to move.  As we buckled our kids into their seats, we saw a ramp with our luggage driving up to the plan.  What a relief that was!

That night, we spent the night all in a room.  The kids were pretty hyper - in particular Liam, who folded up the floor of his pack and play and would climb to the top, say, "Ready, Set, GO!!!" and run down a couple step to the other side of the pack and play.  It was a late night, but the setup worked out well.  It was a great way to start out the vacation!