Sunday, August 11, 2013

Traveling home

After a fun-filled week, the house cleared out and we took the scenic way down to Jacksonville on a route that included a trip on a ferry and a drive through some small beach towns.  We ended up at Jacksonville Beach where we took a walk along the beachfront and onto a long pier.  There were lots of fishermen set up, but we didn't see anyone catch anything while we were there.

The planks on the pier gave the stroller a bit of a bumpy ride and we were sure one was going to give way at any point!  The view was beautiful, and it was cool to be above the ocean watching the waves.

We made our way back to Joe's Crab Shack, where we had a crab feast.  Jacob and Claire discovered that they love crab.  It was a little bit of a race against the clock as Jared and Dani cracked king crab legs because (1) the babies were tired and would melt down at any point and (2) there were flies EVERYWHERE!  We had a table outside, and as soon as our food came out, we were swarmed by hungry flies.  They would land on our hands and food - it made the experience a little disappointing overall, but memorable nonetheless.

The kids did a much better job going to sleep in our room than they did the first night, and they were again very good on the airplane.  We must have worn them out on vacation!