Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Pirates Island Golf

While the women went and looked at the results for our family pictures, the dads (and uncles) brought everyone to play some mini golf.

Liam really enjoyed playing - chasing the ball around the holes and retrieving it from the hole.

The course was a lot of fun - and the decor was great!

Kate and Liam found a good place to eat a snack among the decor... aaarrr, matey!

Kate took a good look at her snack buddy.  Liam may have never even noticed!

Kate's interest in the golfing didn't last all that long - but she did enjoy being with the group and eating her snacks!

Claire got a hole in 1 on a long hole, hitting the ball straight up the hill, under the cannon, and into the hole.  We were all pretty excited.  Jacob also got a hole in 1 on hole 18... though, unfortunately, no one else saw it, but he was pretty excited.

A woman just outside the last hole noticed that Jared was taking pictures and volunteered to take a picture of the group.  A successful round of mini golf for all!