Sunday, August 25, 2013

A 90th Birthday Party for Hope

Grandma Hope had a big birthday and we decided it needed a big celebration.  Dani did a lot of planning with her sister and her mom and it turned out to be a fun celebration of 90 years.  We collected pictures from all throughout her life and compiled them into a slide show.  Dani also interviewed her and typed up a brief life history and family tree.  For a gift Kaci compiled memories from her children and grandchildren and put them in a book with all their family pictures for Grandma Hope to have and read.  Dani was able to fly to help pull off the celebration and be there to celebrate the big milestone with Grandma Hope.  It was fun to have both Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rob come out so all three of her kids could be there. Dani's cousins Stewart and Scott also came and she had not seen them in almost 20 years.  Grandma had several friends and family members there to celebrate.  We had the party outside and for awhile we were unsure that the weather would cooperate, but in the end it was perfect weather for the party and people enjoyed visiting and eating while watching pictures of Grandma's life.  All of the family members got a copy of her life history and the pictures.  Since Grandma grew up on a farm we went with an old farm theme decorating with burlap and ladders and milk cans with wild sunfowers and old mason jars. It turned out great! It was so fun for Dani to be able to plan this celebration with her mom and sister and to learn so much about her Grandma through the process.  She also really enjoyed her time with family members that she sees so rarely.  Happy Birthday Grandma Hope!!!!