Sunday, August 04, 2013

Family Activities - and a big welcome home to Andrew!

Despite having to drive from Jacksonville while the others were much closer, in Savannah, we were the first to arrive in Hilton Head.  Since we needed to pick up a few things, we stopped at Wal Mart, which is where we met everyone... we had a great big family greeting in the Wal Mart parking lot for 20-30 minutes!

One of the first things Jacob and Clayton did in the Wal Mart parking lot was to inspect one another's mouths and compare the number of teeth that had been lost and how many were coming back in.  There has been a lot of change there in the last year for both!

At lunch, Kate and Amber got reacquainted by staring at one another.

Andrew shared with us pictures from his mission.  He had prepared a slide show, complete with different sections (i.e. the food section, the animals section, the companions section, etc.).  We have appreciated his sharing his mission with us throughout the 2 years he was there, and it was fun to hear from him about some of his experiences.

Andrew brought back presents!  Jared told him he's one of the very few people in this world that could get him into this outfit.  The hat came in handy - Jared had forgotten to bring a hat to Hilton Head, so he was in it for quite a bit of the week.

We had a double birthday celebration for Andrew and Adele.

The grandkids loved the birthday hats...

The babies loved the cake.  Kate made sure to wear her birthday the entire time.

We taught the older grandkids (including Wyatt) how to get wacky playing Wacky 6.  They did pretty well picking it up.  It was funny watching them have to reach all the way across the table to put a card on!

We also had a big candy bar game.  The Neccos were a much sought-after item.  Jacob ended up with them, and, a few weeks later, has eaten about 4 and has decided they aren't nearly as good as advertised!  Claire ended up doing quite well!

We had a big group in Hilton Head - so everyone labeled their own cups.  Kate and Liam could reach the cups, so often one would end up disappearing or being used by Kate or Liam... mainly Liam.

We didn't spend a whole lot of time inside, but all of the babies were really good in the house - they would find little things and happily cart them all over.  Liam was so happy to carry this tube around the house!