Saturday, May 04, 2013

Biking Wilsonville

Normally in April and May, it's cool and rains quite often, so when it's nice, everyone tries to take advantage of it by doing things outside.

This year, it's been amazing for the past few weeks.  For the 3rd straight day, we got to enjoy sunshine and 80 degree weather, so we decided to pack in as much as possible into one day.  After Jared played frisbee, we went to the baseball pancake breakfast.  After that, we decided to go for a bike ride to get lunch in Wilsonville.

It was such a nice sunny day that we all put on our sunglasses.  Babies looked really cute in theirs!  We rode to Jimmy John's in Wilsonville with kiddos and babies.  It is fun to be able to go for family bike rides with all the kids.

After lunch, we did yard work and washed cars.  It was an awesome day that we got to spend outside!


Anonymous said...

Lucky kids--they get so many nice outings with their parents.