Friday, May 24, 2013

Father's and Son's campout

After one of Jacob's baseball games, we went to the father's and sons campout.  It had been raining intermittently throughout the day and right before Jacob's game, and we got there after 9, so we decided to sleep in the car.  Liam slept in between Jacob and I and seemed to take up way more room than a little 1-year-old should take!

In the morning, Liam and Jacob played with some of the boys.  It was pretty sparse attendance because it was Memorial Day weekend, but they got out some Nerf weapons and had some epic fights and had a great time!

Meanwhile, the girls had a girls night, which included watching a movie and going out for frozen yogurt.  Kate was quite concerned where Liam was.
I am pretty sure that this was the first time that Kate and Liam spent a night in different places!