Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cincy Trip

The Cincy vacation officially began in the Dayton airport (along with our Sperry's).  After waiting almost an hour by the counter for a rental car and putting our stuff into one, just to get in the car and find it was smoky and trading it for another, we were on our way to a memorable weekend.

This was a parents only (plus cute Adele, below) weekend at Nana's Castle.

The 3 years we've lived in Portland, May has been cold and rainy.  We envisioned warm pool time, kind of like this:

Instead, we left warm, sunny Portland and found ourselves in upper 60's and rainy!  Fortunately, the pool was warm, so that didn't stop Jared and Taylor from spending a few hours in the pool making up random games.  One game was a 'duck hunt' type of game.  At one point, Jared had to pull a ladder up to the fence to climb it to retrieve the ball from the neighbor's yard . One of the other games was a mixture of a goalie / dodgeball game.

Fortunately, it cleared up long enough to have a couple times sitting in the hot tub.

Friday night, we went to a Reds game and sat through 2 innings of rain (enough to soak our pants for the rest of the game) and an almost 4-hour game, but the Reds won, so it was worth it.

The girls stopped for a photo during the game sporting their red and white.

Since it was Mother's Day, we celebrated Sunday.  Nana's present was official recognition of her March Madness bracketology prowess - a full-size basketball size trophy.