Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother-Daughter Book Club: The Doll People

We were looking for an activity that we thought Claire might be interested in that would give her an opportunity to socialize with some of her friends outside of school.  Camie had mentioned that she was doing a mother daughter book club, and it sounded like a great idea.

The first book we read was The Doll People.  It was a cute book, and Claire seemed to like it.

We had a little "tea party," with lemonade, cookies, and watermelon licorice.

Most of the girls were pretty quite for the book discussion part, but they all were excited to decorate cookies.

Notice Claire's outfit - she chose her dress very specifically because she thought it helped her look like a doll.

Here's one of the cookies


Elisa said...

What a cute idea of a mother/daughter book group. And what is watermelon licorice? It sounds delicious!