Monday, May 27, 2013

Mumford and Sons Concert

Dani and I got to go to the Mumford and Sons concert with Jim and Mel.  A bunch of my other co-workers had seats in other parts of the arena, so we went to dinner beforehand.

We had tickets to be on the floor, and we ended up about 20-30 feet from the stage.  It was cool to be that close - I definitely like the energy from being on the floor.

Above us, from the back of the arena to the front, there were lights strung up.  The colors changed throughout the show and during the songs.  It made for a cool environment.

For the encore, they went to the back of the arena and played a couple acoustic songs around a single microphone.  Then, they walked right next to us on their way back up to the stage for the final encore.

It was an awesome show!