Saturday, May 18, 2013

Raabs in town

Matt and Rachel Raab and their kids came and joined us for a long weekend.  Matt had some training seminars on Saturday and Sunday, but they came Thursday morning (at about 1 am!) to spend a couple days with us.

The kids had a LOT of fun the whole time!  Quite often, it was a wild time!  One of the fun things they did was to build a HUGE tower, complete with waterslide and pool.

We got to meet baby Blazen.

On Friday night, we ate dinner at John's Incredible Pizza.  Yum!  Jared and Matt played a game of Speed of Light, and then Jared and the kids had a go at it.  It was cute watching Kate and Liam hitting the same button, over and over.  It didn't matter whether or not the light was on, but they were having fun.

Matt and Rachel played some Dance Dance Revolution.

The kids also played some games.  Liam and Kate even rode the merry go round!  Liam was pretty obsessed with a little train ride, too.

We left all the kids at home and went out with Matt and Rachel on Saturday night to La Provence, in Lake Oswego.  The food was good, and it was a lot of fun to be out without our kids!

We got dessert from a grocery store in the same shopping complex (in large part because the service at La Provence was a little slow) and ate outside.  While we were there, we were discussing how nice it was to come home to sleeping kids.

When we got home, we discovered Jacob was having an off night and was on our floor crying.  Liam also started crying, and when I went to get him, the doorknob started moving... Liam had flopped out of his bed!  In addition, Madden had lost a tooth (Matt and Rachel didn't even know he had a loose one!) and Kate was sleeping with a play bin she had pulled into her crib and without her clothes!  It was a pretty nutty night!