Monday, May 20, 2013


Kate has a favorite book - Lull-a-bye, Little One.  Her world pretty much revolves around it.  Over the last couple weeks, her attachment to the book has grown.

The first thing she told me the last couple mornings when I went to get her out of her bed was, "Lull-a-bye!"  She carries the book all over the house.  She talks about the book constantly (and quite loudly, I might add).  She brings it in the car with us.  Miraculously, the book is holding together (with a little more tape than it used to have).

She constantly is asking people to read her the book, though at this point, she basically has it memorized.  Sometimes, it is quite cute.  

Other times, she ends up a little bit in the way.

Jacob and Claire were read this same book every day before naps for a long time when they were younger, and they had memorized the book, but neither of them took the obsession to the degree Kate has.


Anonymous said...

Even when we were there, when I brought out that book she seemed excited. i would love to be able to read it to her right now.


Dianne Ochiltree said...

It's a thrill to know how much your Kate loves my book.
Loved your photos. What a cutie! Wishing you many happy moments sharing a book with your little ones!
Sweet dreams, Dianne

Anonymous said...
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