Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Keeping busy at Jacob's baseball games

We've been lucky to have mostly good weather for Jacob's baseball games this year.  With 2 very active babies, that's been a good thing!!!

Though we bring a blanket for them to sit on, Kate and Liam spend most of their time roaming around the grassy fields with other little kids.  One of Jacob's teammates mom brings a wagon - it gets a lot of use by our kids and others!

One game, the rain earlier in the day left a little puddle (which was more like a damp spot than an actual puddle) for the kids to splash around in.  They wound up playing ring around the rosies and 'falling' into the puddle.

Not pictured (yet) is that one of babies favorite game-time entertainment is the McKnight family.  Getty is on Jacob's baseball team and finds the babies between each inning.  Scott and Alice and their kids take turns with the babies, with the kids walking all over the place with them.  Kate and Liam LOVE the McKnights!

The games end with long shadows cast over the field as the family walks back to the car.


Elisa said...

Very cool picture of the long shadows. Sunset/dusk is my favorite time of day!